Cathy Cavanagh

Cathy Cavanagh


Creating lasting change through unique conversation.

Cathy Cavanagh is passionate about and facilitates for unique individual coaching, healing & energy sessions via skype or over the phone or locally in person. She facilitates for her clients to become aware of the underlying emotional root causes that lead to their current suffering, pain or issues. Her approach is a deeply personal and private experience facilitating healing on all levels, psychological, emotional, mental, physical & spiritual. Combining her spiritual gifts with universally accepted coaching and mentoring modalities. Facilitating through listening as this is the gateway through which all coaching and healing passes. Advocating for sustainable change and growth. She is also a strong advocate for self-healing. She is a certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner & Practitioner of Energy Psychology modalities. Cathy can be listened to live on (Life Changing Talk Radio) on alternate Tuesdays 11am PST. Cathy facilitates with her clients individually and as connection is establishes she will guide as to how best to treat and deals with presenting issues.


  • Modern Energy Healer BIG +10 congratulations to Cathy Cavanagh for completing Modern Energy Healer with GoE trainer Sandra Hillawi!
  • Energy EFT Master Practitioner BIG +10 congratulations to Cathy Cavanagh for completing Energy EFT Master Practitioner with GoE trainer Aisling Killoran!


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